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d e v e r a s

» .. h e r e ≠ elsewhere

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A fun all-fandom RPG
;;in the beginning

"This is gonna be fun."

"I doubt I've met a being with a more destructive boredom in my entire life."

"But you have to admit, it is pretty fun. I mean, think about it. We're creating a whole world, all because of my boredom."

"Dimension, rather. I doubt it could really be considered a 'world', what with it being... well, one city."

"Come on, Luce, don't ruin my fun. I'm on a roll here. None of the people we kidnap to populate our creation are really gonna know how small it is, anyways. It's not like they'll be able to leave the city."

"Kidnap people?"

"Well, how else do you expect to fill our world? We have to take people from other worlds, of course! Preferably important people. Heroes, geniuses, princesses, the works."

"Of course. The best of the best."

"But... why not mix it up a bit? Let's give the dead somewhere to go too. We can spirit the living 'kidnap-ees' off to our world, and then resurrect a few dead people in... I dunno, somewhere elsewhere of our world."

"Sounds like a good name."

"Elsewhere?... Yeah, it does, doesn't it? So, we've got our world, then we've got Elsewhere, where the dead go."

"Correct. And what will we call our world?"

"I dunno, let them figure it out. We have more important stuff to figure out. Like... What are the worlds gonna be like?"

"Underground society, maybe? I don't know, you had something in mind?"

"Hmm... That is actually a good idea. For Elsewhere, though. Your world, it could be like... Light, happy, all that boring stuff. It could be like Earth, or even Aselia or Aldurant, with buildings. And apartments, and houses, and you could even get jobs if you wanted. And life could be peaceful. Eww... I'll never understand why people like peace."

"Peace sounds appropriate. We will have to establish a system of justice..."

"Justice shmustice. You deal with all that crap, and I'll make Elsewhere. Underground... Or maybe just in perpetual darkness? They'll have electrical lights, sure. But the sky could be black..."

"Elsewhere will be hell?"

"Nah, not hell. I'm not that cruel. All the dead will go there, is all. I meant... It'll be like nighttime all the time, except without a moon and stars. Make sense?"

"I object. Why punish all the dead?"

"Punish? Nah, just make it even. See, your world has to be clueless that Elsewhere exists. Or else they're all gonna be getting themselves shot so they can see their dead lovers, and I know for a fact that you wouldn't like all that macabre shit. Elsewhere, on the other hand, will have knowledge. They'll know all about your world, or at least some of them will. So really, it'll be your world that's 'in the dark'."

"I understand now. It is decided then, so say us both."

"So... What names will we assume? Or shall we remain as Nihility and Lucifina?"

"Nihility and Lucifina shall do. But we will each associate with one element, light or dark. Then people can form their decisions accordingly. Like a game."

"Yes, I love games. You're brilliant, even if you are too goody-goody to be any fun. We can mix things up once in a while, remind them that we're still here, we're still in charge, but other than that... Let the cards fall as they may. So... Is it time to start?"

"Yes! Let there be light."


There are two worlds, created by the two, Nihility and Lucifina. They're like... the good/mischievous twins.

One is the land of the living. [dubbed HERE {deveras_here}, an acronym of course.]

The dead live in Elsewhere. {deveras_else}


See each individual "world's" userinfo for specifics.

Also, read the rules [below], and the FAQ. These will explain all you need to know. Feel free to ask questions on the FAQ page, or message Nihility-mod at (AIM) ArissaMay121.

;;the rules

Read the FAQ. If this is your first character, this is a must.

All characters are canon. If they died, they're dead, and go to Elsewhere. And if they survived the game/movie/book/etc., they're in HERE. On that note, all characters are in character. If you've got a pure-hearted schoolgirl, they will not sex the villain's face off.

You are limited to eight characters. 8. It's nearly impossible to keep up with more than that, if you intend to do other important things with your life, such as sleeping, eating, and showering. [However, if you go inactive on any of them without warning, you will be limited and/or have current ones taken from you. This is lenient, though, so don't worry.

No unnecessary profanity or explicit content. We may all be relatively mature human beings, but if you think about it, feeling the need to swear every which way displays a rapidly falling degree of maturity. Again, keep it in character. You're the one to judge whether it's 'unnecessary' or not. If you must have explicit content or extreme language, be sure to mark it somehow to warn others. You may not be bothered, but others are. Mmkay?]

We will not be accepting Original Characters (OCs). None. If we feel the need to, for some reason, include another besides the two mod!OCs, we'll pick you, not vice versa.

No fandom cliques. We understand that your character has friends, enemies, and family out the wazoo back home, but branch out. You can't imagine how annoying it is for an RPG to be overrun by a single-fandom clique.

Keep all OOC on deveras_ooc and all IC on your personal journal (communications device. See the 'FAQ'.) or your respective IC community.
(deveras_here or deveras_else)

Unless you are a mod, you will have to apply for your character. However, unlike most RPGs, you may not have to post a sample for each and every character. (Again, see the 'FAQ' for more details on that.)

Do not, under any circumstance, complain of boredom. If you find yourself bored, it's just your mind's way of telling you you need to come up with something to do! Really, it's that simple. The mods are perfectly open for plots, just contact them somehow.

Seriously, all I can say to sum this rule up is don't suck. Use proper spelling, capitalization, punctuation, etc... Don't godmode or powerplay --if you don't know what this means, ask anyone who's RPed before-- write proper paragraphs for logs, all that jazz.

Have fun. Be creative, make plots, interact, enjoy yourself!



→ → a little about me →
I've played on Sendoff and Adaugeo.
I started Deveras initially because I was too lazy to apply for a character anywhere else. [XD;; don't hold it against me, plxkthx.]
I am online almost every day.
I cannot stand people who go to foreign restaurants and order a burger and fries.
I've recently grown tired of my middle name, and thus changed it to Spock.
That is all.

→ → characters →
Nihility [mod!OC]*
L [Death Note]
Asch [Tales of the Abyss]
Demyx [Kingdom Hearts II]
Sheena [Tales of Symphonia]
Rikku [Final Fantasy X]

→ → contact →
AIM: Amxire
E-Mail: ArissaMay22@hotmail.com
Free pretty much anytime.